Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After a small pauze...

Hello again!

As you noticed, there was a longer pause than intended in between the posts, sorry!
I went on vacations after finishing my thesis so yes, my head was somewhere else. Thankfully i did do some pictures at the time.

In order of creation :P the first was made in my parents house garden, there is a small owl decoration between the plants so i got the idea of a small cute owl on a flower. - Maybe i'll do more owl, their details are very fun!

Second one is a quick sketch of a person looking out at sea. My dad stood with his towel over his shoulders after a swim for quite a while looking out to the horizon. I think we both have been able to find peace slowly.

Third and last (for now!) is still a work in progress of a night full of thoughts that just transform.. not trying to be too poetic haha, but just some good vibes of stars, clouds, shinny bugs and more.

Now that i'm in Cartagena.. again... i will be able to draw more. I have also gotten inspiration of looking at some art books about sketches for graffiti and stuff. Awesome drawings, i really want to create such good stuff. I think i need some main themes or ideas to draw some series. So if anyone does read this and wants to leave a post, feel free!