Friday, November 30, 2012

Gifts and a new project

I hope that I can slowly regain my previous tempo of posting stuff.
So here I go!

I have been doing some gifts for friends lately, since some are leaving, and others graduating... Its hard to find good gifts, specially for male friends haha.

Also, recently I met the owner of Pesto Bar here in Amsterdam, and the night we went to have dinner at his lunch room, I doodled a bit. When he sat with us to drink a wine, he told me I shoudl try to hang my stuff at a bar or cafe. So I took his word and yesterday I send an email to a local place that's new and quite edgy. Hope to hear from them soon!

And this is what I'm working on now: Octopus!

And just to end up with a funny sketch, I am enjoying having a dog tons!!! And its hard not to make a big fuss and become one of those people :P But yes, I have lots of ideas to make comics. Though drawing dogs is freaking hard! I have to sit one day and make various studies... 

So yes, Tjido is a bit or a reactive pup, he loves to play and barks for other dogs attention. We're working on it ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It has taken me a month to update... a new record! I'm soooo sorry!

So since I did not get my job in Spain I have been a bit busy with looking for new jobs, stressing about it, taking the theory driving exam and of course our little "wolf".

But thankfully I have a colour drawing I was trying to save for a decent post but whatever!
EDM Challenge 4! Draw your mug or cup :)

I really like this sketch because I did it with feltip pens which I do not normally use. They also remind me of home, since every trip to mexico I bring a few back.

I also realized that I haven't told you guys I have a Dawanda shop! :D since I am looking for a job, I decided to open my shop and see what I could get. Also a nice way to have another project going on. I will post the link later, but if you are very curious it is called Curly Sketches :P 

Thank you for reading and I promise a decent update at the end of this week!