Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to the old black lines ;)

The countdown begins!
Monday we are leaving on vacation!!! We are heading to Akumal and then to Xcalac- a tiny town at the border with Belice. I'm pretty excited about this. We'll be diving and relaxing at the beach!! Sorry if I'm making you jealous!

But anyway, I have decided to make a challenge for myself: one drawing per day! until we get back to Merida... That will be interesting! :P

Last weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years together :) we were planning on going to get a romantic lunch, visit a museum and then get a beer. But as always, nothing went as planned. The coffee place was closed, we had breakfast at another venue, the tropical storm started and the museum was being used for an event so it was closed for the public as well.. so we ended up drinking beer at an Irish Pub watching the euro cup at 2pm haha. We then went to the city centre to have dinner, but somehow we weren't feeling that great. Back at home we collapsed in bed feeling swollen and took a nap. It wasn't until 11pm or something that we were feeling normal again and watched a series... so yeah a pretty romantic sunday ;)

My other drawing is just some crazy idea I got. After drawing it I guess it has a bit of Alice in Wonderland feeling, so I wrote a quote of the book in her dress. I decided to bring colour onto it, and I guess i'm pleased about the result! I'm also working on a baby-card project, but of course I can't disclose those pictures until baby is born :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A bit of everything

Hello everyone,

How are you doing?

This post is a bit of everything. First two sketches are some pages of my new Moleskine :) one has the recipes my cousin sends to me every now and then whole the other is a sketch done from our hotel view in Ria Lagartos (beautiful place!).

I have found a good art shop and bought linoleum sheets and made my dad bring my craving kit ;) so i started with some reptiles. An example are these frogs. I bought water based paint, i have not really worked with it, i have always worked with oil based. So I still dont' have a good print to show.

And the final drawing I'm sharing is also one of the reasons it has taken me a bit long to update. Mexico is going to have presidential elections in July and its becoming a very exciting and a very scary happening. Students started a few months back a movement, called "yo soy 132" against televisions that are favoring one candidate and keeping us in the dark about important information. A dirty war has started from right winged candidates agains the left and I really don't know what will happen if any of the two main men win... well we'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water colours and sketches

Hello dear friends & readers!

Firstly thank you for the batik tips ;) i have found the wax and a pot to smelt it in. I have done some experiments but still a bit unsure if i should share them haha, a birthday gift went horribly wrong last week :P

But I would like to share my continuation of experimenting with water colours. Actually I'm using chinese ink and water colour pencils. I forgot my water colours you see.. but I think it's working fine. I did this bird and i hope you can give me some tips or suggestions.

On my more comfortable zone of drawing I had this urge to draw Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, well a god found in most Mexican pre hispanic cultures. Its a feathered snake, which I think is totally cool. The heads you tend to find are like the one I sketched, and well the little guy is the personification or warrior. In Maya they believed you were born with an animal protector (like horoscope) and of course emperors were normally if not always Jaguars or Eagles, so they had to look the part and they would deform their bodies in order to appear like the animal. Hence the idea.

Next (yeah sorry for the whole legend talks) just a portrait of my boyfriend. Trying to get a grip in the skill of faces, his neck was too long and i think i should do this more often to  train it.