Friday, January 25, 2013

Awesome News!

I have some great news for this post as well as a very good reason of why my update is yet again a bit late :D

Last wednesday, I had the opening of my first exhibition! I had mailed a cafe/bar to ask if I could hang up my stuff and they called me last week to tell me they were very interested! So story short, I had to choose my drawings, buy frames and I had to cut even the matting since my sketchbook has a specific length.. well stress in small words.

The opening was great! I sold half of the things that were hanging :) so i'm really excited! I want to share some pictures with you! (all done by my frien Hendrik Weiler)  

Houses Theme

Deep Sea themes!

The mural! took me about 4 hours? Ah and thats me (curly hair) with my friend Star :)
Also I have officially opened my shop at Society 6 :) WebShop as well as my new website  that I hope you guys like.

And in order to finish with a new sketch:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back online

Ah dear readers (if there are any left)

As many promises I have broken in the past, I am back! ;)
New year, new motivations, new expectations. 
Throughout my vacations I have finally accepted my pathetic status as "unemployed" and have decided to make the best of it, instead of falling into a black pool of despair. 

So for this new year, I have subscribed myself to oil painting classes, I am thinking about learning German or Japanese and of course the continuation of the epic search for a job. Keeping this blog regularly updated is also something I want to continue, as well as my webshop project at Dawanda (already got a call to ask if I was planning on continuing..) So I am hereby inviting you to my (quite empty) shop :D SHOP LINK I have also found other nice websites like Society 6, but I first have to get my paypal account working again. 

Enough of the rambling!

I first want to share my holiday season cards :) Sadly I started as always a bit too late.. so I could only make 5 hahaha. But I want to use the stamps I bought for upcoming birthdays and Valentine cards as well.

The next two are sketches. The EDM challenge number 5: Draw your bed! I quickly sketched out of memory my room with my bed in it. The cat on the bed is a stuffed animal... yeah.
Next sketch is my final version of Tjido in cartoon style AND I LOVE IT! He looks awesome!


This last drawing was an idea of my good friend Star. She told me about a painting she had seen on TV  and I though I would recreate it, but apparently I didn't understand what she meant haha but ended with this: A 2 sided drawing!