Thursday, May 16, 2013

A bit of everything again..

I'm so bad at updating recently.. i think my last update was a few months back!?

I just started my own business, and I feel like because it's in the starting phase I can't do anything but work on it haha. I have made some time to draw, but I know I should really plan my drawing time better... although the inspiration also comes on and off.

We had a long weekend vacation and went to Krommenie, some small town north of Amsterdam, where my boyfriend's family lives. I decided to take my pastels, since I haven't worked with them in aaaages! So I decided to make a coloured Tjido, which ended up looking like a fox.. 

I then asked Joost to give me a challenge, and it was a Beaver!!! funny animals.. I did like the sketches though :) I have also re-taken digital painting, though I seriously need to buy a new Tablet.. I think mine is a 10 year old Wacom.. so in free style i came up with this:

Background is lame, but I do like the deer. He's funny :P
And to end this post, I have an update on my oil painting classes! I have missed them for the past 3 weeks, but now i'm in a roll! And I'm quite looking forward to finishing this. I hope to add the whole process which I have been taking pictures of :)

Jee, well if you see this post it does seem I'm doing much hahaha!