Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Well since i'm waiting for some data I decided it wasn't a bad idea to have a tiny break after working with ArcGIS and Excel...

These are some sketches I drew on Sunday, the most boring day of the week in Cartagena.
First I waited for my coffee..

And then my theme became insects after finding some nice biology sketches on the internet (and you might have seen the bee at some early sketches). The last one I made after looking at some of the pictures of Cartagena's graffiti.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Every Day Matters (329)

Hello everyone!

This week I became a member of Every Day Matters, which is a group of people who like to draw-paint be creative and share their stuff (see some of the blogs i'm following). The idea is that there's a "weekly challenge" and everyone can join and make their own version of this challenge. It's not obligatory or anything, but i think it keeps you from going into drawings-block haha. It motivates ;)

So this weeks challenge was: Draw Something with Buttons on it (#329)
And this is what I made of it.

1-2: Since the dark-sea fish was so well received last week, i decided to make a new one, another type of fish but with a small detail- the decorations are "buttons"! Normally they would be like small pearls that give off light as well as the big light they have.

3: That's a variation of the kid with the owl mask o one with a cat mask. I'm trying some new things for a picture for Sorada, who loves cats. I'm sorry that its lying on its side, i can't get my comp to recognize it should be vertical :S But you get the idea.. i'll try to change it this weekend.

Finally, someone asked what i use to draw.. my pens say pigment liner, but i think they're just ink pens, 3 different sizes and a big permanent marker :P

Monday, February 13, 2012

A kind-of valentine's post

So tomorrow is Valentine's day. For the last 5 years I have related this date to one of the most epic fails of parties at Uilenstede (student complex in a'dam) and yet I attended many of these Valentines Day Parties (yes alcohol did influence my choice).
Today I decided to post some sketches that I did thinking about 2 things:
The friends I love and the guy I love. And yes i know this day is waaaay overrated, but heh, just a good reason to write cheesy stuff right? ;)

Thank you friends for being there through thick and thin and through that dark dark moment a few months ago. i'm glad I've met everyone of you- old ones who I lost track of as well as new ones :)
And yeah, cheesy as it is: love you boyfriend!

Ok, let's get that sweet sticky honey away from the screen in order to see my non-conventional Valentine's sketches buahaha! The second one I tried taking it B/W but many details were lost, so yeah, you'll have to bear this picture without nice frame.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2nd week here & writers block

It's the 2nd week in Cratagena and it has started fine. Although i keep feeling a bit distressed at work, have many days that i don't know what i'm supposed to do. I hope to make a to-do list today!
I'm also supposed to start with a paper and a short story for a contest (well that's purely out of fun) but in both i keep having writers block and its very very annoying!!

So the drawings that i'm showing today are the finished owl sketch that was so empty and now.. well lets say it has improved? In the same theme i got a very cute small character with an owl mask (sorry the pic is not very sharp) and finally Mr. Champ! Mr Champ is a french flying mushroom.. because champignon sounds french.. and because when joost and i were cooking he let some mushrooms fly away.. hence the idea.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bearing the cold

Spain is described as warm most of the times, and maybe cold at the mountain.
But cold at the souther coast is a slap on the face.. hahaha.

So while I endure the cold without heater, I have been looking at some sites with great sketch artists and wanted to try other things. "You ruined something wonderful: keep up the good work" those are David Fullarton words, PICS <- that's his account with drawings.

So, this time for Julio I drew the "End of the World" and I wanted to show some drawings i did to decorate the empty walls. I like the mask idea, i think i'll work more on those for more detailed sketches, it's very empty around.. I need to get over that scary feeling of ruin stuff like Fullarton says.. its hard! Ah yes and some faces.

And i changed the welcome pic, i will put "Curly" again online ;) but i'll make it a better pic. Don't get scared about the experimenting area! Or let me know if you like something better.