Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Approach

Hi everyone,

If you have landed in this blog, I hope you enjoy the drawings you can find here.
I have decided to take a new approach on making my art visible by using Facebook, Instagram and for my new comic Tumblr. Please visit these sites to continue enjoying frequent updates of my stuff! THANKS!

Facebook: CurlySketches
Tumblr: curlysketches
Intagram: curlysketches

So pretty easy ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coming Back!

Oh my..

Just realized this is the longest I haven't posted an update.. TERRIBLE!
I must say I have been quite busy, but it also partially due to the fact that I don't sync my iphone with my laptop very often now.. and updating the blogger through the phone is seriously a pain. It has become easier to update the Facebook.. but it lacks the stories of the blog hehe ;) Curly Sketches Facebook

I have made so many new adventures in my drawing, that I have decided to start keeping a decent update!

Coming back from the summer vacation I got an email about illustrating a notebook for the HUB, a community for entrepreneurs which I am part of. It was certainly very exciting! Took a long time to hear back from them, but no sadly it wasn't me they choose... of course I was a bit bummed, but well, it's also the first time i've ever done something like this. It was really nice to know some people like your style :)

A few weeks after this, I got another offer, this time of some guys who are designing an app/game so they needed someone to make the drawings of their characters - super cool! Can't say much about the game, but will post some sketches on things I'm working on.

And finally, with my 2 friends and neighbors, we decided to be part of an artsy market! So cool! So we started creating stuff, made a facebook page and everything! Sunday came, and so did the worst storm of autumn.. rain, wind, cold.. gosh it was so bad, even the more professional guys were leaving the scene. So we followed suit, and decided to try another time :( I did make really cool prints and decorated Moleskines again! It was real fun!

I will keep you more updated with these things.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Facebook Page

Well it had to happen at some point..
 I have opened a Facebook Page! which I'm quite happy about! Not only can I post things, but it is also a good platform to sell small stuff and to reach more people (I do feel that the blog visitors has diminished).

I have made these small Moleskine books a series of the deep sea fish I have made before. 
I really like them! I also enjoyed doing some kind of "series" and I think I will enjoy it more as I have other small books planned. Here you can see them individually. 

I have also made some sketches for some ideas, and as my oil painting classes have finished I switched to acrylic. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A bit of everything again..

I'm so bad at updating recently.. i think my last update was a few months back!?

I just started my own business, and I feel like because it's in the starting phase I can't do anything but work on it haha. I have made some time to draw, but I know I should really plan my drawing time better... although the inspiration also comes on and off.

We had a long weekend vacation and went to Krommenie, some small town north of Amsterdam, where my boyfriend's family lives. I decided to take my pastels, since I haven't worked with them in aaaages! So I decided to make a coloured Tjido, which ended up looking like a fox.. 

I then asked Joost to give me a challenge, and it was a Beaver!!! funny animals.. I did like the sketches though :) I have also re-taken digital painting, though I seriously need to buy a new Tablet.. I think mine is a 10 year old Wacom.. so in free style i came up with this:

Background is lame, but I do like the deer. He's funny :P
And to end this post, I have an update on my oil painting classes! I have missed them for the past 3 weeks, but now i'm in a roll! And I'm quite looking forward to finishing this. I hope to add the whole process which I have been taking pictures of :)

Jee, well if you see this post it does seem I'm doing much hahaha!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

When will spring arrive?

As we sit and wait for spring to show up, I wanted to update some stuff. I haven't been very creative lately, mostly because I'm starting my own business and haven't made time for drawing really.

I was 2 weeks on vacation in Mexico. This time visiting Chiapas and hence that page of sketches from there. I want to do more so I guess it is unfinished ;)

I really like my Tjido comic which I think I want to explore more! And yes, I should be drawing more. I will try my best!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a post with animals :)

I wanted to thank all of you who commented about the exhibition! I really like reading comments :)

So today i don't have many drawings, since I was gone for a few days, and even though I though I would draw allot I basically slacked even more hehehe... But I did make this deer, following a children's  book of how to draw animals :P

As you read before, two of my drawings were stolen at the exhibition.. and saldy one was already sold. So  I made a new one for the buyer and added a nice postcard.

I really like the postcard and want to make more in order to sell them better. 
In our house, we are also turning the guest room to a place where I can draw and paint :) which I'm really looking forward to!!! Until now I have to use the dining table or share the working table, which is fine, since it is really a laptop-working place. 

So I will keep you posted! :D :D 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the week just started

At the beginning of this week I had amazing news but at the same time it was the beginning of a chain of events that made me want to hit my head on the table and cry. Thus let me explain:

On Monday at 8am I had my driving exam and passed! When i got home Joost got a call that he has been accepted for the phd he wanted! So happy!

That day I also took my computer to get checked up.. They replaced the thing that was broken and cleaned it. So I got a shiny Mac back :) but when I got home the train wreck started.. My backup hasn't been great apparently. So I lost all my photos of the last 7 years and all my applications. So I don't have Microsoft office or photoshop!

To continue, on Tuesday while visiting the bar where my drawings are hanging, I realized there were 2 missing! One I which I had sold! Drama! Today they called to confirm they did not have them an most probably were stolen.

But even though it was quite horrible, the morning after i realized I had lost my precious photos, I had an enlightening moment: there are far more important things in life. And there are worst things that can happen.

So today I decided to draw the picture I want to leave at the Bar (yes, even though stuff was stolen). I guess it is a "thank you" for giving me a chance,but also for myself a "thank you". I also tried out a new approach of making the drawing more as a "scene" and add depth.

Oh and as a bonus I share my small paintings at my oil painting class! More on that story next time ;)