Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coming Back!

Oh my..

Just realized this is the longest I haven't posted an update.. TERRIBLE!
I must say I have been quite busy, but it also partially due to the fact that I don't sync my iphone with my laptop very often now.. and updating the blogger through the phone is seriously a pain. It has become easier to update the Facebook.. but it lacks the stories of the blog hehe ;) Curly Sketches Facebook

I have made so many new adventures in my drawing, that I have decided to start keeping a decent update!

Coming back from the summer vacation I got an email about illustrating a notebook for the HUB, a community for entrepreneurs which I am part of. It was certainly very exciting! Took a long time to hear back from them, but no sadly it wasn't me they choose... of course I was a bit bummed, but well, it's also the first time i've ever done something like this. It was really nice to know some people like your style :)

A few weeks after this, I got another offer, this time of some guys who are designing an app/game so they needed someone to make the drawings of their characters - super cool! Can't say much about the game, but will post some sketches on things I'm working on.

And finally, with my 2 friends and neighbors, we decided to be part of an artsy market! So cool! So we started creating stuff, made a facebook page and everything! Sunday came, and so did the worst storm of autumn.. rain, wind, cold.. gosh it was so bad, even the more professional guys were leaving the scene. So we followed suit, and decided to try another time :( I did make really cool prints and decorated Moleskines again! It was real fun!

I will keep you more updated with these things.
Thanks for stopping by!

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